Business Automation Solutions


Business Automation Solutions

Today’s business environment has a very high level of competition triggered by the emergence of the global economy and rapid changes in technology. In such an environment, it is absolutely necessary for businesses to have proper systems in place for managing all resources and their use in the entire enterprise in a coordinated manner.

A well-designed Business Automation Solution supports the business by:

  • Integrating all functions across the company
  • Integrating key customers and suppliers as part of the operations
  • Standardizing and speeding up of processes
  • Reducing Inventory
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Increasing Profitability

The Software Solutions/Application Suites developed and deployed by Sensato include Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Mobile Device Applications (Windows & Android). These solutions have a satisfied client base – the extended family of Sensato, the major source of strength for the team. These solutions cover a wide range of operational areas/functions for their respective businesses.

  • Transportation/Logistics: Materials Management, Distribution, Transportation, Export(Shipping)
  • Manufacturing – Phramaceuticals, Explosives, Adhesive Labels
  • Education: Automation of Academic & Administrative Functions
  • Retail: Sales/Billing, Inventory, Customer Management
  • Finance & Accounting: Financial Accounts, Sales Accounting


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