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In case it is not covered here, please write to us at info@sensato.in or ‘Request a Callback” using the “Enquiries & Feedbacks” Form.

  • Can iCAS be implemented for any Educational Institution ?

    Yes, iCAS can be configured for any Educational Institution:

    • School
    • Science/Arts Colleges
    • Professional Colleges
    • Training Institutes
    • Coaching Centers
  • Is customization of features possible for iCAS ?

    Yes, Customization of features or reports are possible. Though we believe that most of the standard requirements of an Educational Institution can be configured in iCAS, specific requirements could be accommodated by way of customization of existing features/functionalities or addition/modification of new reports.

  • Is customization of features allowed in Impacto Business Automation Solution ?

    Yes. Impacto is not an off-the shelf product. It is a Business Automation Solution which needs to be customized to fit into the business/operations model of each customer. Though most of the features/functionalities required for the automation of operations of a business is available in the solution, customization would be required. The level and quantum of customization work/effort will vary from case to case.

  • What is the technology platform of Application Packages offered by Sensato ?

    The Application Packages offered by Sensato are mostly developed on the Microsoft Platform. 

    • Web Applications – ASP.NET
    • Desktop Applications – C#
    • Back-end Database – Microsoft SQL Server (for both the above)
  • Are Custom Application Development Services offered in non-Microsoft platforms ?

    Currently, we are offering our Custom Application Development Services mostly on Microsoft Development platform, as in the case of our Application Packages. 

    However, we do:

    • Android Application Development
    • Website/Portal development on PHP, WordPress
    • Use MySQL as the Back-end database in specific cases
  • Is QZee a ready-to-install package ?

    Yes, it is. Most small scale retail/trading businesses can readily implement the application with minimum setup time and couple of hours of user training.

  • What are the basic requirements for installing QZee ?

    A standard configuration PC with Windows 10 Operating System and a standard barcode scanner are required. UPS is recommended. If the barcodes are printed by the retailer itself, then  barcode printer also is required.

  • What are the implementation options for iCAS ?

    iCAS is offered as:

    • A licensed solution installed in a private Server owned by the end customer
    • A licensed solution installed in a Cloud Server provided by the end customer
    • A hosted solution installed in Cloud Server and the end customer is provided access on a monthly/annual subscription basis


  • Is SAAS model available for Business Automation Solutions ?


  • Are support services available 24 X 7 ?

    No. Currently support services are offered only between 9 AM and 9 PM IST. 

  • Is it possible to have a trial period for iCAS ?

    Yes, it is possible. The first step will be “Request for Demo”. The Request Form for this is provided in the iCAS product page of the website. Once the initial system study is done along with the product demonstration, a trial installation/access could be arranged for prospective customers.

  • Is it possible to have a trial period for Business Automation Solutions ?

    No. Since these solutions are customizes for each customer, a trial installation to start with is not offered. The first step will be “Request for Demo”. The Request Form for this is provided in the Business Automation Solutions Services page of the website. An initial system study will be done and then demonstration could be planned as per the plan of action decided mutually. 

  • Can any of the Application Packages purchased online ?

    No. This option is not available currently. Interested users could either “Request for a Demo” using the Request Form in the Product/Service page or use the “Enquiries & Feedbacks” Form to request a call back from us.