Business Automation – Snapshots

The Software Solutions/Application Suites under the Impacto brand name developed and deployed by Sensato include a Web-based Modules, Desktop Application Modules as well as Mobile Device Applications (Windows & Android).

These solutions cover a wide range of operational areas/functions for the customer’s respective businesses. A few customized implementations of the Impacto Solution Suite is given in brief here:

  • Export Shipping Management Application Suite

    The Application Suite has two components:

    • Web Application – centrally hosted for access of all locations
    • Android Application for Mobile Devices – connects to the Central Application Server 

    The end customer, A Columbia – based Export Management Company handles the export business for few Steel manufacturers based in India to the South American countries, Philippines etc. 

    The web application handles the following functions:

    • Creation of Projects/Locations/Customers and other Master/Configuration Information
    • Process Orders received from different customers, classified as separate projects 
    • Each project has multiple Locations from where products are Sourced and Destinations to which products are shipped
    • Generate barcodes for each item on the basis of coding standards followed as per requirement
    • Generate barcodes for Shipping Containers 
    • Generate and maintain all project related documentation
    • Generate Reports
    • Prepare boxes/bundles of products based on type items

    The Mobile Device Application handles all operations – related functions, including:

    • Organizing items as per order into bundles/boxes
    • Cross – checking the product specifications with the order data 
    • Organizing shipments with the items boxes/bundles prepared
    • Verification process of shipments, including capturing photograph of each item/box/bundle as the case may be, uploading the same to the central server and capturing the signature of the verifying officer 
    • The verification process is multi-level before and after shipping of the consignment(s)
    • At the import location, conducting the multi-level verification process and capturing/recording/uploading the quality check results/rejection information with photographs & signatures

    With good number of containers leaving the Indian shores every month, the solution is fine tuned to handle large quantities of data and generation of reports which includes photographs, signature images etc. The certificates related to shipments are generated by the system. 

  • System for Explosives Tracking & Tracing

    The Petroleum  and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO), Government of India has mandated the implementation of the SETT system for all commercial explosives manufacturers in India, for effective tracking of every explosive, right from the manufacturer to the user end throughout the supply chain and integrating the SETT to the existing Explosives Returns System (ERS) and Explosives Licensing Module of PESO. This project was taken up in association with Specgraph India Pvt Ltd, one of the largest providers of identification and data collection systems. The solution was first implemented for the Indian subsidiary of the Australia – based MNC, a world leader in commercial explosives and blasting systems. 

    The Application Suite has two components:

    • Desktop Application – connecting to the central server
    • Android Application for Mobile Devices – operates offline since mobile connectivity, including Wi-Fi access is prohibited within the explosives factory premises 

    The Desktop Application, used by all the Factories manufacturing different types of explosives generates the barcodes as stipulated by PESO for all explosives and generate the necessary outputs for integration with the PESO system

    The Mobile Device Application is used by the Factories for organizing the explosive products into packages/boxes as per specifications each explosive type. The Factories and Logistics Department uses this application for recording/tracking the movement of these products and packages from the Factories to the Magazines where these are stored. The same application is used for recording/tracking of the movement of these products from the Manufacturer’s premises to the end customer. The data captured by the Mobile Device is periodically uploaded to the central server for reconciliation and generation of necessary output for reporting as well as integration with the PESO system.

  • Automation of Business Operations - Transportation Services Provider

    This Web Application Solution was customized for a Transport Solutions Provider based in Kolkata, which operates a fleet of vehicles (both owned and leased), offering transportation services to customers including transportation of school students.

    The Application automates the operations of the business. A few of these are listed below:

    • Maintain the end customer database, including the service charges based on distance/route-based rates – on installment basis – monthly/quarterly. These rates are revised periodically
    • Route Management, including mapping of routes, stoppages and timings
    • End customers have the option of having different routes/stoppages for their pickup and return/drop
    • Service Charges Management, including installment generation, preparation of output files for Bank NACH processing and bulk import of such transaction reports from Banks 
    • Service Charges collection could be done directly as well in other modes than NACH. In all these cases, receipts are generated by the system and e-mailed to the end customer as an automated process
    • Routine operations like admitting new customers, discontinuation/change of routes of existing customers 
    • Vehicle Management – including the expenses involved in maintaining each vehicle owned by the Company and expenses incurred as fuel charges
    • Human Resources Management & Payroll  – Salary, PF, ESI etc for employees 
  • Business Automation of Manufacturing Businesses

    The Impacto suite has been customized for different verticals in the Manufacturing sector as well, like other sectors as explained earlier. The two such major projects are:

    • Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer of Homoeo Medicines with country-wide distribution chain
    • Label Manufacturer with customers in various States of India

    The above customers use customized versions of the solution to suit their specific business needs. The modules and features include:

    • Raw Materials Management – Inventory and Consumption
    • Consumables – Inventory and Consumption
    • Production Scheduling – Shift-based, Manpower and Machines
    • Quality Checks and Record keeping
    • Wastage/Production Loss computations 
    • Packaging and Customer Dispatch
    • Inventory Management of Finished Goods
    • Sales Process/Billing at Retail Outlet
    •  Report Generation
  • Automation of Trading Business

    This Web Application Solution was customized for a Trading Business based in Kolkata, which runs stores selling various items including Text Books, Exercise Books, Stationery Items and School Uniform in schools at multiple locations in and around Kolkata. 

    The Application automates the following business operations:

    • Maintain the end customer database, which are essentially students of the partner schools of the trader
    • Preparation of Kits for students based on the class in which they study
    • GST Billing – Individual and Bulk Billing based on the Kits
    • Preparation of output files for Bank NACH processing and bulk import of such transaction reports from Banks
    • Order Processing, Delivery and Billing of Uniforms and other items for students
    • Inventory Management – all items
    • Report Generation 
  • Automation of Manpower Outsourcing Business

    This is another customized Web Application for a Manpower Outsourcing Business. This provider outsources manpower to different organizations and billing on a periodic basis is done to the end customer. 

    The Human Resources Management function is automated using the Impacto solution, which takes care of the HR cycle:

    • Job Application 
    • Appointment
    • Record Maintenance – Promotions, Increments, Transfers and Disciplinary Actions
    • Resignation & Separation, Retirement
    • Statutory Compliance – ESI, PF, Pension Schemes
    • Income Tax Computation and Reporting
    • Statistical and Analytical Reports